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Shop "AZFLEX" works since 2009. The width of the carpet standard.
1.It is 2 m
2. It is 3 m
3. It is 4 m
While Turkey and Iran are the leaders in the production of carpet, Uzbekistan is also one of the largest manufacturers in this area. The carpet differs in thickness. The material used in the production is divided into combustible and non-combustible groups. Depending on the object to be used, the Covroline design is different from the footprint.
1. Carpet for Hotel 
2. Carpet for kindergartens
3. Carpet for restaurants
4. Cowroline for emergency exit
5. Cowroline Home
6. Square carpet
7. Carpet for housing and communal services
8. Carpet for cats
9. Artificial turf
10.Rubber carpet

Sadarak TM, carpet market,
3rd row, store 21/23